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fresh off the [fish] farm


Who We Are

Welcome to Farmed Seafood: an information center for all things aquaculture. While consumption of aquaculture products parallels, or exceeds, that of wild caught seafood in Europe, Asia, and South America, this is not the case in North America, particularly in the United States where misconceptions prevail. Consumers here associate a negative stigma with aquaculture, stemming from perceptions about food quality, health, or environmental factors. At Farmed Seafood, we provide the facts about aquaculture — the good, bad and the ugly — to educate the grocery shopper, restaurant-goer, and fish lovers (or haters).

Here’s the deal: we have billions of people on the planet and they all need to eat. Much of the world gets their protein from the sea, but unfortunately wild stocks are severely depleted (many have been for decades) and can no longer support the ever-growing demand. In order to maintain seafood production — and continue feeding the world — we’re going to have to farm it. Enter aquaculture.

A Glimpse Inside

The life stages of dolphinfish, also known as mahi mahi or dorado. These fish are raised at the University of Miami Experimental Hatchery for research purposes.

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