PBS Covers ‘Future of Seafood’ In Aquaculture Episode

By Erica Allen

In today’s day in age, we know we are putting pressure on wild caught fish stocks around the world. Whether it be from destructive fishing gears, pollution, global climate change or simply over fishing, the future of seafood relies in aquaculture.

Aquaculture is not a new phenomenon, from the Mayans to the Ancient Egyptians, aquaculture has been a way of life for people to consume sustainable fish protein. Nowadays, global aquaculture is responsible for supplying more than 50 percent of all human consumed seafood.

Off shore pens, like those used by Open Blue, continue to gain in popularity because of the way for the farmers produce a sustainable product while eliminating pollution and allowing natural ocean currents to filter out the pens.

Check out this video below by PBS Changing Seas- Future of Seafood for more!


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