Iceland Notes Aquaculture Potential, With Conditions

View from Reykjavik, Iceland (credit: Jack Pease,

A group of stakeholders appointed to assess the future of aquaculture in Iceland recently delivered a conclusion that is becoming the norm: the establishment of an aquaculture industry should be done in association with sustainable practices and protection for natural environments, FIS reports.

The working group consisted of representatives from the sport fishing salmon sector, the aquaculture sector, as well as the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Industry and Innovation, under which fisheries and agriculture is managed.

It was found that the aquaculture sector of Iceland has opportunity to expand, thereby supporting employment opportunities, and an aquaculture industry should be officially establish to bring stakeholders together and aid in marketing Icelandic products.

This opportunity for aquaculture to be built up in Iceland, however, cannot be done without adherence to environmental and sustainability criteria, the group agreed, and needs to be backed by science. Iceland has an environmental image and appeal to many tourists, and recognizes the importance of maintaining such standards.

The fisheries minister said the topic of expanding aquaculture and the working group’s recommendations will now be discussed in Parliament.


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