LoveTheWild for Better Health


Many people can be intimidated by cooking fish. It can be smelly, slimy and sometimes even have an eyeball looking straight back at you. With hundreds of seafood certification out on the market, it can also be extremely confusing for the consumer on what to buy and what to avoid.

LoveTheWild is a new hot product found in the freezer section at a grocery store near you. They are committed to improving human health, environmental health and good food in a simple, easy 20 minute cooking period. LoveTheWild is a fish kit that has (at least 6 oz or more) frozen fillet, three frozen sauce cubes and the parchment paper all in one. Place the frozen fish with the sauce in the parchment paper, wrap it up airtight, and stick in the oven (straight from frozen- no thawing necessary) and violà you have a delicious meal in 20-25 minutes!

My personal favorite is the Rainbow Trout with Salsa Verde. By cooking the fish ‘en papillote’ style, a traditional French technique using the heart shaped parchment paper, it allows for the fish to keep its juicy tender flavor. The sauce tastes almost like a pesto (but diary free!) and since it is illegal to sell wild rainbow trout, this is the safest, most delicious way to eat it. On the other hand, the Barramundi with the Mango Sriracha Chutney sauce is ‘wicked’ good! Barramundi, also known as Asian Sea Bass, is a mild tasting fish that contains the most omega-3s out of any common whitefish. The Mango Sriracha Chutney sauce is a fruity goodness but with a hint of spice.

One of the biggest issues facing the seafood industry today includes the lack of transparency and fish fraud. With LoveTheWild fish kits, each box is printed with the species scientific name, farm and location it is sourced from, owner or manager of that farm, type of aquaculture system the fish was raised in, and different certifications the farm has. For even more fish confirmation, LoveTheWild keeps the skin on its fish to guarantee the consumer that they are getting the right species of fish. When purchasing LoveTheWild fish, you can be sure that the fish comes a sustainable and traceable source.

Check out the link below to view all the delicious products that LoveTheWild has to offer!


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