Wisconsin Fish Farms Welcome Public On ‘Aquaculture Day’

The Wisconsin Aquaculture Association is hosting a statewide Aquaculture Day this coming Saturday, July 15. Member fish farms will hold open houses to welcome the public and promote Wisconsin aquaculture through education and first-hand visits.

The state boasts over 2,800 registered fish farms, including private ponds, business farms, fee fishing farms, and processing farms, all of which contribute $21 million to their economy. Wisconsin aquaculture products supply gamefish and bait for recreational users as well as food fish for restaurants across the Midwest.

walleye fry
50,000 walleye fry at a fish farm in Wisconsin (credit: Wisconsin Aquaculture Association)

To encourage people to become more aware of aquaculture’s importance and learn firsthand what fish farming is all about, a number of fish farms will be open to the public on Saturday. Events will include farm tours, demonstrations, fish recipes, and talks with experts about the industry. Fresh fish products will be available for tasting and purchase at some farms as the Association promotes local seafood.

Species farmed in Wisconsin include trout, yellow perch, and bluegills for food; muskie and bass for stocking, and minnows for bait. A list of the participating farms can be found here.


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